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Walking the Talk: Stories of Collaboration for India’s Informal Workers

Organized by: Dasra and Dasra Philanthropy Week

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Image by Ron Hansen


At the onset of the pandemic, many of India’s 400 million informal and migrant workers were adversely affected by the lockdown. The visuals of their arduous journeys inspired a movement driven by compassion. Two years later, stakeholders across sectors and geographies, have started taking concrete steps for their well-being. Actions that were once disparate are now united through the power of collaboration. The wheels have been set in motion! We are at a time where there is an exchange of learnings, replication of good practices, alignment on cornerstones, and acceleration in the right direction.
This session will showcase the stories and journeys of India’s majority workforce. Social Compact and UN South Asia Forum bring together diverse stakeholders from the community, industry, NGOs, international agencies, and philanthropy – these conversations will focus on building a responsive ecosystem at source and destination, for our informal and migrant workers, by leveraging business and CSR capital.

About Dasra Philanthropy Week

Dasra Philanthropy Week is one of India’s most trusted social impact conferences. In its 13th edition, with 10+ power-packed sessions featuring 100+ eminent thought leaders, and the launch of 8 reports, this year's forum is an opportunity for us to shape our collective perspectives and pathways towards a more equitable India.

NGO leaders, funders, and sector experts will unite virtually to explore the path for a billion Indians to thrive with dignity and equity through dialogues on diverse themes including but not limited to livelihoods, gender equity, adolescents, inclusive sanitation, data for good and the role of philanthropy in achieving this goal.


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