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Addressing Human Rights Challenges through Collective Action in South Asia

Organized by: International Organisation of Employers

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Image by Omar Flores


The International Organisation of Employers (IOE), the largest private sector network in the world, brings a vital business perspective to international efforts to advance the Business and Human Rights and Responsible Business Conduct agenda. As part of this effort, during the upcoming UN 3rd South Asia Forum on Business and Human Rights taking place on 28-30 March 2022, IOE is delighted to invite you to its side-session on Addressing Human Rights Challenges through Collective Action in South Asia.


Session Description


Under the theme of collective action, peer learning and exchanges will take place during the 90-minute side session on business and human rights’ best practices in South Asia. Together, participants will identify common and practical ways to improve and implement the Business and Human Rights agenda. Particular focus will be given to issues such as:

  • Best practices and lessons learned from multistakeholder initiatives to foster human rights through collective action in the region.

  • To raise awareness and build the capacity of the private sector and the civil society on key business and human rights’ instruments and facilitate peer learning exchange.

  • How to fully unleash the potential of Employers’ Organisations, companies, and the civil society at large for implementing the Responsible Business Conduct agenda?

  • How can collective action be strengthened and how to increase and built trust among stakeholders in the Asian context?

  • Which type of partnerships are, so far, working best in the region?


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